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Carbon Fiber Ski Boot Warming Cover


Seeking all-day ski boot warmth on the mountain, the below is the

1st iteration to solve for the Screaming-Barfies: when your toes are so cold, frozen, and numb - you don't know whether to scream or barf.


Thirty-five female skiers were interviewed and surveyed, along with on-mountain experience, and further research of present market products and materials available.


The result is a ski boot cover, named WarmME's, providing women sleek, fashion forward, all-day toe warmth in ski boots.  WarmME's are made of carbon fiber, which holds and distributes heat over long periods of time.  The interior is woven with copper wire, a good conductor of heat.  This means that if a heat source is provided to one end of the copper wire, the other will quickly reach the same temperature. 


From the research, one of the strongest indicators of usability, conveyed by female skiers, is the physical appearance of the product. With this in mind, WarmME's is developing a starting line of 10 original, sleek, modern textiles to be used with the carbon-fiber colorways. 


With changing trends, one of the future plans is to license prints from the likes of fashion giant Mara Hoffman, photography from installations at the Cooper Hewitt Museum, wallpaper from FLAVOR PAPER, and logos for University ski teams on the exterior of WarmMe’s.


Process pictures featured below. 


Materials: carbon fiber vinyl, thread, cardboard, sunglasses strap